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Our Purpose

We are conditioned by the environment around us from the moment we are born. While this can be essential for development and survival in the world, it can also hinder the expression of our true selves. Cultural, religious, or familial conditioning may play a role in this and can cause guilt, shame, and repression related to one's body and sexuality.  Add sexual or non-sexual trauma to the mix, and this can compound the effects, manifesting as sexual dysfunction or blockages to experiencing pleasure and connection with ourselves and others.

In order to be healthy, fully expressed beings, we must acknowledge that our sexuality is an essential part of who we are as holistic beings. At the Tantra Connection, we recognize and address the root of the dysfunction, so we can begin to release trauma and remove these blocks to bliss. We utilize holistic tantric healing methods to awaken, heal, and integrate body, mind, spirit and sex. Let's walk on this path together to help you heal through obstacles, enable greater levels of pleasure, and experience life through a lens of increased vibrancy, authenticity, joy and tranquility. You were made to experience pleasure (both sexually and non-sexually). Pleasure is your birthright.

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Young Model Posing

Top reasons why yoni owners seek coaching

1. Better orgasms / better sex

2. Relief from painful sex

3. To learn to orgasm during penetrative sex (belief that “I’m broken/blocked” sexually)

4. Heal trauma, especially sexual abuse (often looking for a holistic and/or somaticallybased approach as other methods have not been sufficient)

5. More pleasure/joy/happiness in all areas of their lives

6. More connection & inner peace – with themselves, their bodies and/or partner

7. Because they are ready to find a partner / be in a relationship

8. Freedom from shame; self-expression and/or sexual expression

9. Sexual communication and/or deeper connection/intimacy with partner(s)

10. Sexuality as a spiritual path; sex as a sacred practice

11. Navigating a life change – eg. divorce, menopause, career shift, etc.

Top reasons why lingam owners seek coaching

1. Heal sexual dysfunctions – esp. Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, out-ofcontrol porn use

2. Last longer during sex

3. To learn to have multiple orgasms / separate orgasm from ejaculation

4. To become better lovers / to learn how to pleasure a partner

5. Heal trauma/shame; circumcision trauma

6. Looking to cultivate sexuality as a spiritual path

7. Help to overcome depression, anxiety, addiction

8. Have tried (and failed) with other forms of semen retention; may have resulted in additional sexual issues (eg. anorgasmia)

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Young Gay Couple

Top reasons why couples seek coaching

1. Better sex

2. Better communication, esp. sexual communication

3. Deeper connection/intimacy

4. Lack of sexual understanding/education; sometimes clients want to know “what to do”

5. Want to experience more pleasure

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About Me

Hi! Welcome to the Tantra Connection. My name is Suzy, and I am an ABS Board Certified Sexologist and a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner. I graduated from the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, which is the first and only government-accredited tantra school in the world. I studied psychology at Miami University, and have always been fascinated by the study of human nature and relationships.

My journey in tantra began in 2017 when I was on vacation in Tulum and stumbled upon a tantra workshop at one of the hotels. After attending the workshop, I was hooked. I devoured as much information on the topic and attended as many workshops as I could. Much of what I encountered was Neo-tantra, which while I experienced some benefits and healing, I kept finding myself disenchanted by a lack of consistency, diversity and inclusivity, and any clear lineage to be held accountable to. 

That's when I discovered the Institute of Authentic Tantra®. They provided the most in-depth, comprehensive, trauma-informed lineage-based program rooted in Tibetan tantra. Through my practice, I experienced great shifts and extensive healing in my own life. I became more confident, grounded and rooted in my authentic self. I decided to become a sexologist and Authentic Tantra® Practitioner because I know that this works, and I wanted to share this powerful gift with the world. 

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Authentic Tantra®

Tantra is a spiritual science that originated in India several thousands of years ago. Tantra uses various holistic healing modalities such as movement, meditation and mantra to heal and remove blockages to free ourselves from suffering and ultimately reach enlightenment. There are many different variations and forms of tantra that originate from several lineages and traditions. Some of these styles are Hindu Tantra, Buddhist Tantra, Sikh Tantra, Taoist sexual practices from China and Western Neo-Tantra. The many different forms can bring significant variances in orientations and motivations for practice.

Authentic Tantra is a trauma-informed holistic sexual healing modality, which is rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element teachings. It combines compatible disciplines from Taoist sexual yoga, somatic sexual healing, nonviolent communication and Western science. It incorporates both sexual and nonsexual practices to clear blocks to bliss and reintroduce the self to our true nature. Authentic Tantra® is energy body yoga that weaves sound, form and light to heal, balance and transform the whole-spiritually, physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally.

It is based on the Shangpa Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhist tantra in the Vajrayana tradition, and the 5-element teachings have been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage spanning 1200 years. The 5 element teachings stem from a merging of the Bon Indigenous religious teachings with Buddhism. The Shangpa Kagyu lineage was founded by 2 women, Nigumah known as the black dakini, and Sukhasiddhi. Unlike traditional male founded Tibetan Tantra lineages, it is one of the only lineages that incorporates sexual practices that work actively and directly with sexual energy. This is different because it integrates sexuality, as it is an essential part of the holistic being.  Lineage based Tantra is important because it is a living oral tradition stemming from an unbroken lineage of fully realized beings. The potency and efficacy of these practices are retained by being in alignment with the teachings of our root Lama and the Authentic Tantra® institute.

Authentic Tantra® is a trademarked holistic sexual healing modality that includes application of the ancient Tibetan 5 Element Teachings of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The trademark Authentic Tantra® and the copyright in the modalities incorporated into Authentic Tantra® material is owned by Devi Ward Erickson, and licensed to the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education Ltd. (IATE Ltd.) The founders of IATE Ltd. take their responsibility for sharing The Tibetan 5 Element Teachings with the general public very seriously. It is in our interest to protect the Authentic Tantra® teachings, by making sure that the spreading of them happens in a way that preserves their authenticity and integrity as well as protects the Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners and their clients. This document, in conjunction with the Certification Licensing Agreement, serve this purpose.

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Code of Ethics

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